Meditation is NOT a Cure All

The first thing that caught my eye was the title Calm Your Thoughts Without Meditation. It got me thinking and piqued my interest because meditation is suggested by virtually everyone in the personal growth & development field. Herein lays my area of expertise. As I love to research, I can appreciate the thought and care that was put into this book. I also found myself taking notes and highlighting key passages I wish to commit to memory. I am so happy that I found another argument and school of thought that questions the advantages of meditation for everyone. It is true for people who have PTSD, recent severe trauma, abuse, and a ton of rumination patterns- sitting in a room in the dark alone with your thoughts may not always be best for them. In fact, for some people that can be downright scary. Now I know to evaluate a client's background, personality type, etc, before always recommending meditation as a way to calm your thoughts and tone down anxiety. Thank you for that. I do highly recommend reading this book both for clinical & life coaching purposes, research, and if you suffer from anxiety, depression, or PTSD for example. You will find techniques and tools to help you on your way to calm, peace, and serenity...and that my friend is Life Guidance Angel Style... =D)
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