The Journey of Tomy the Dragonfly

I highly recommend The Journey of Tomy the Dragonfly. The illustrations are on point, and adorable, & and the story resonates deeply with me. Even as an adult, I have heard the words of vile serpents & and unfortunately took them to heart & and that is just not right....
It is imperative for children to learn to not listen to & and not believe hurtful words that could damage their self-esteem. This book would be an excellent gift for my almost 6-year-old niece.
I also understand the temptation to fly away from harmful people and words...
-These words strike a chord. "Tomy is joyful again. Through his adventurous journey, he has realized that he has to face the difficult things in his life. Flying away from them wasn't the solution. Because of his bravery, he no longer feels the need for others to envy, fear, or admire him to see his own value...." =D)
Peace, Love, & Light
Life Guidance Angel,
Jennifer - Lauren Salapka
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