Greater Than 3 Proactive Steps to Discover The Purpose of Your Life - by Jennifer- Lauren

Greater Than 3 Proactive Steps to Discover The Purpose of Your Life


The process of discovering this underlying principle may be the most powerful endeavor you ever undertake because it will give your life a sense of direction, a definite purpose. It will provide you with the clarity and focus that could potentially awaken the unbelievable and infinite forces hidden somewhere deep inside of you.

In this article, we will discuss the concept of life and its underlying principle. We will be going through a step-by-step procedure, exploring your feelings and options, and by the end of this article, you should have a fairly solid tool you could immediately employ in your life, to position your life in a meaningful direction.

There are (more than) three steps to the process of discovering the purpose of your life:

(and additional “baby steps” as well).

Understanding the principle of choice

Creating your underlying genesis for guiding your life moving forward

Aligning your life with that newly discovered underlying principle

Understanding the principle of choice ( I repeat for effect and emphasis)

These are the thoughts of Norman Vincent Peale regarding the power of decision. “The greatest power we have is the power of choice. It is an actual fact, that if you have been groping under unhappiness, you can choose to be joyous, instead. And, by effort, lift yourself into joy. If you tend to be fearful, you can overcome that misery by choosing to have courage. The whole trend and the quality of anyone’s life are determined by the choices that are made”.

Choosing is among the most important activities of your mind because making a decision, means you’re proclaiming your desires to your subconscious mind. When the subconscious mind is informed of your desires, it will start the process to manifest your wishes into your life. The selections you determine in your life later become your objectives. Now when you sincerely pursue your goals, there are few reasons why you should not achieve them.

While, indecision, not only breeds frustration plus anxiety, being wishy-washy can also potentially confuse the subconscious mind regarding your preferences. Remember, that it’s imperative that the path you create or follow is your own, in accordance with your true desires, purposes, and abilities. Far too many people permit others to make decisions for them.

Alternatively, you may make your choices according to what you think is ‘correct’, even if that means that you go against your wishes. Please know that what is right for someone else may not be right for you, and the best method to know this is true is through listening to what your heart says. How wonderful it is to really listen to your Heart’s Song).

I want you to write a list of topics which captivate your attention and pique your interest; subjects which you have always relished, those things or activities which makes you feel energized, which inspires you to progress, despite the obstacles you might be facing currently.

Do you find joy creating, or appreciating the artistic masterpieces in our world? Do you experience serenity when venturing outdoors and does nature tickle you, do you long for the ocean? Do you derive satisfaction as a direct result of helping others and through kind acts of service? Do you receive pleasure from making a difference and positively contributing to other people’s lives?

Whatever it is that gives you that spark, it is time to form a list using the guidelines below:

Hobbies you love to engage in/with:

Identify specifically what characteristics or attributes you appreciate and adore and why? Brainstorm and research ideas and business plan(s) to discover ways to practice your passion and earn money simultaneously. What plan of action do you need so that you will be well-equipped and empowered to make a decent living using your abilities, gifts, skills, and talents?

Creating Your Guiding Standard:

The next step is to reflect on and analyze the list you just created and to determine if there exists a possible recurring theme. Perhaps, it is the notion of the contribution that arises, or an influence to seek after or distribute love, or rescuing animals. Whatever it may be, focus on identifying the core theme of the things that light up your face and frame it into a brief and precise statement.

This will be your ‘Mission Statement’. It may even be a quote by a famous person, or a philosophy that has influenced you. Of course, as you mature, this Mission Statement could evolve, but its essence will hold true. Next, record your NEW Mission Statement.

Aligning your LIFE with the Foundational Genesis:

The final step in this journey is to chart your course to your ultimate purpose. Begin immediately to build in small, but significant changes in your lifestyle that would start to accommodate this principle in your routine. LIVE this standard daily. It might take a few days, but you will most definitely feel the difference in the increase in your zest for life. Should you realize that you gain joy when relaxing in nature, plan out your next holiday. Perhaps an excursion with your children would be sufficient to recover your enthusiasm. A career or change in a job may be on the horizon for you or researching the best ways to launch a new business, that is more in harmony with your mission.

Never forget — “Do what you love, and the money will follow”.

Part 2:

What are your superpowers and what makes you an S.U.V. (Special Unique and Valuable)?

What do you believe that you were born to do?

What would you fast forward 5 years from now would you create a Master Class on if and when you attained a greater degree or level of Mastery of your craft as you implemented special productivity methods?

What skills and tools can you add to your life to greatly enhance your life for now and for tomorrow?

What do you study and do for the joy of the pursuit of this hobby or passion?

Our identity helps to shape how we view ourselves and contributes to our behavior, choices, and thoughts, and so much more. Many times when people choose to redefine themselves, they experience a quantum shift in their lives and their overall development and progress.

We can summarize identity with the following questions and points.


Who you are, what you love to do, why you do it, who you do it for, etc.

What do you feel supremely qualified to teach to others?

What do those who you serve to want or need?

How do they change or transform because of how you impact their lives based on what you show or instruct them?

Observe how your life’s purpose is also about others. Intuit all the methods you possibly can add to the happiness quotient of others. (HQ). HQ I just coined that. (If you are familiar with E.Q.- Emotional Intelligence, and of course you know all about I.Q., but what do we seek most of- you’re right- you guessed it- increase our H.Q. — the quintessential quest or pursuit of happiness and for me the right word or phrase or list of words, ( HaHa).

Imagine answering the question so what do you do? Reply with I am in the business of blessing others.

Explain how what you do changes the people who you are called to serve.

Transform Today and Tomorrow.

Creating from one’s mind-

Making the creation in other words the idea tangible. Brainstorm the most efficient and effective ways to grow from IDEAS into Action. I like to keep a notebook and record my ideas, observations, analysis, epiphanies when they are fresh. (Goodness I feel I need 7 more of me because there’s so much work to be done). Later when the time’s right I organize them, categorize them, or file them away for a future project, book, business, marketing plan, or screenplay, poem, etc. (Just remember where you store them, that they are there). I once had a phone call about a script- a treatment I was supposed to write, but because I was so engrossed in my eCommerce business and thinking about how to write better product descriptions, compose sales copy, and attract customers. I forgot that I had months prior written and put the ideas for the screenplay in a safe place.) Try your best not to make my mistake. I chalk it up to a blonde moment, Because I remember in my enthusiasm, but also the pressure to captivate the minds of 500 million people, I meditated, prayed, reflected, and began to write, but felt insecurity that I didn’t nail it- so I put it aside. Is the opportunity still there? Well, my friend is friends with a Hollywood director. Perhaps. Deep sigh- now exhale…For me, I wrote the ideas, scene concepts, setting, plotline, etc., but I got stumped on the conversation- the lines of the actors. However; I know I secretly wished to have a co-creator, collaborator. I find some projects more fun to work on with others.

Nurturing creativity is key to realizing your potential as an artist, entrepreneur, and I would venture overall human. (In other words, insert your profession, vocation, or career path- all can benefit from sparks of genius, insight, creativity, and fresh ideas, innovation, new paradigms, and the air of discovery).

Your gifts and talents are often correlated to your life’s purpose. Memorize this truth. Work with it, expand upon it, dare to dare…

To give to humanity is the main theme of all and can lead to the greatest story of all time…

Practicing with our gifts and talents empowers us and enables us to achieve a greater deal of skill, efficiency, and maneuvers us closer to the objective of mastery. ( I encourage you to read Robert Greene’s book on Mastery).

Apply hardships or suffering to one’s gifts and you will basically be transmuting negativity. (To fully comprehend this- I would implore you to take the first step on your personal Journey of Discovery- to even learn what I am trying to hint at. “Hinting” is fun for me- why spell it all out and spoon feed you when you can derive so much satisfaction from sudden realizations from this text, book, film, video, or other means of acquiring wisdom, knowledge, insights, processes, and character growth, and more- there’s always more…to unearth, to understand, to probe, to question, to study).

What are the healthiest outlets for you or modes of expression and means of self-expression?

Artistically- Do you ever notice how singers often take their heartbreaks and sorrows and write hit songs and gain international fame and recognition and boatloads of money for their art and the way they take the negativity and transmute it? Hint: I listen to Adele whenever I think of my ex).

Beauty for ashes is what we say in the church.

The pain can transform into masterpieces; know this truth well. Commit this to memory. Allow it to start a fire within your heart and soul- and an urgency for expression- which may later be a part of your personal formula or recipe for self-actualization ( Read up on Abraham Maslow).

Inject your own unique blend and fusion of energy, personality, and seasoning into your personal and professional projects and pursuits.

Brainstorm and discuss all the myriad ways to give back to humanity and the world at large. Start close to home with your circle of influence, family, friends, neighbors, and community. Then enlist a charismatic salesperson personality type to enlist and expand more people. (Take a Myers- Briggs personality type test or the DISC and encourage others to do so as well).

I am an INFJ, but I need more extroverted personality types to help me with carrying out my missions and recruitment efforts. I like to bury myself in the quest for knowledge with the books, etc. When you’re looking for me, look for the library or bookstore with delicious cappuccinos and chocolate chip cookies, there I will be) ;)

Aim to move mountains and the hearts and souls of many individuals and build your soul tribe.

It is vital to surround yourself with uplifting vibrations and frequencies ( here I would point you to the research and findings of Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden to further your perceptions and understanding)

As one inspires, one aspires in the spirit of truth and wisdom…

Never underestimate the Power of devotion and your own personal why- reason and rationale for acting and doing what you inevitably do.

Bring divine light and healing to this world, please.

Take negative experiences and make them a positive force and light.

There is a Calling on the lives of many. Do they hear it or heed it or inquire about it? Choose to be one who honors the Calling.

You can intentionally cause people to interact with your work- through the mediums of sight and sound and beyond…if we choose to get a little mystical, now…

Heed thoughts and ideas as they bubble up from within your depths.

Create a plan around these inclinations and whispers from your intuition.

Invest one’s heart and soul into your Vision.

Focus on developing your patience with your labors of love.

Be mindful (and practice MIndfulness) that Music can amplify your ability and mind space to assist and boost your creation process.

We are Creators.

Be and live on Purpose.

Ask yourself this:

Are you clouded by the expectations of others?

What happens with the noise and without it?

Invest, don’t simply follow your passions. Find a mentor, take classes in it, and take every opportunity to practice your craft and learn more about it- apply the lessons…

Don’t trade who you are for who you think the world needs you to be- instead you simply must be you...Remember everyone else is taken. Have the courage or encourage someone with the potential and propensity to be the trailblazer or pioneer…

Celebrate greatness and the quest to attain it.

A friendly public service announcement from your librarian, professor, and scholar: Reading transforms lives.

Here are some more questions to ask yourself:

Did I matter? Did I love? Did I give enough during my waking hours on this planet?

The clock is ticking now and time waits for no man or woman.

Ponder and aim to answer these in the best way to please you in the coming future. They are questions during your healing process and growth process.

Do you live? Or Did you live?

How do you evaluate your life and based on which metrics or benchmarks?

You can gain the power of intention. Aspire to raise your standards in life around your health, wealth, relationships, profession, spirit, and more.

So long as you have breath, focus on earning your blessings. Consider how fortunate you truly are.

To wow people be willing to grind and put in the work and the time necessary for ultimate achievement and professional success.

About Time:

The questions you ask yourself to determine the course of your life so what happens if you change the question? It is wise to learn how to ask the right questions and when. Foster curiosity and solid inquiry.

What would you do every day even if you did it for free?

What problem are you going to solve?

Every belief we have is a choice. Believe that human potential is limitless. Who do you wish to become and what price are you going to and are willing to pay in order to get there to attain it? ( Read Brendon Burchard’s books).

“You are not the key to every door, but you can be the key to the doors” you are assigned or destined to open. Lean into the process of becoming while being all that you can and were created to be. Accept no limits. Live in the realm of infinite possibilities. ( Consult the books of Dr. Wayne Dyer).

Schedule time for Transformative learning.

Higher purpose leads us to go outside our comfort zone because we are infused with enthusiasm, energy, and we discover the resources to achieve our goal. Take the first step even if you don’t see the whole road or staircase…have faith that the next step will become apparent while in motion.

Look inward and decide: Are you problem-solving or purpose-finding?

Write out a detailed and picturesque lovely life statement.

Always remember it doesn’t matter what people think.

Continue to Look inward. When you discover meaning in one area of your life- other areas of your life accelerate too.

It is the meaning of integrity taking on contribution-type goals. Life primes us to seek after purpose.

Truths that enable us to succeed- what are they? Can you research them and then pledge to live and die by them?

Subdue the fear and always act with courage.

Self-confidence- use techniques to grow it, nurture it and share it with loved ones.

Purpose gives us momentum and acts as the driving force behind our actions.

Be mindful that nobody accomplishes alone. ( I may really need your help to live out my Purpose and you may need mine, add others into the equation as well). Don’t hide your light under a bushel.

Choose the teamwork mindset and learn all you can about influence, leadership, and persuasion ( ethically, of course)

Define your mission and what it means to live for another as well.

What are you willing to sacrifice for people?

Now know that you can reinvent yourself and alter your Identity so that it is in alignment with your essence, heart, Mission, Vision, and Purpose.

Your Reason for being is quite simple and beautifully LOVE.


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