Have You Discovered Your Soul’s Song? - by Jennifer- Lauren

Have You Discovered Your Soul’s Song?

Does your Heart’s Song reverberate and bubble up from the core of your being? If you really heard it, would you recognize its cadence? Would you step out and seek to follow its rhythm? Would you step into the beat and create harmony as you rhythmically continue to step forward, and glide into the next step? (I guess this is an article for all you music lovers out there). I desire to do the musical analogies justice. Please comment if I miss a stanza or am off- beat- pun intended… =D)

Now that I have set the mood, let’s dive right in! Are you ready? Are you going to ride the camel with me or not? Come on, it’s fun- fun-tastic.. ;)

I read yesterday that our “MESSAGE is quite similar to our medicine”.

I can connect this with something a business and life coach I used to design workshops and seminars for asserted. “The wounded doctor heals best.” -

It is because the wounded doctor has a depth of understanding of pain, suffering, and consequently, has cultivated deep roots of empathy mixed with compassion. He/She can sense the causes and can determine which is the best course of treatment before things escalate in the body, mind, and soul. Sensitivity is a gift here and helps him/her in his work of love.

Throughout my life, since I was a baby, others have deeply and persistently wounded me. As I grew in maturity and awareness about our world and the abundance of resources at my fingertips, I waged a Healing Hearts Campaign. I observed the healing effects of pet therapy. When I spent a great deal of time with my animals and pets watching them, stroking them, hugging, and holding them, I felt a wave of peace wash over me, and its cleansing effects were much like the beloved ocean…

When I would walk among the flowers, trees, bushes, and linger in the garden I also felt a flow of renewal and refreshment. Then as I spent more and more time in the library, I wandered the stacks of books with a squeal and a dance of delight. I was drawn into the books on the mind, heart, soul, healing, psychology, repairing what loved ones had destroyed…and a myriad of other subject matters…

There was hope to be found in books and a gentle voice to guide me through the written word. To encourage and console me when I felt like I would split apart into a million different tiny puzzle pieces…

It is while indulging myself surrounded by the most incredible thoughts and sentiments of humankind that I learned selfless devotion.

I decree and declare that I am devoted to living and laboring in accordance with my Soul’s Song. I have done the inner work to heal a broken heart and repair a broken life. The truth is that my father just never should have been a father. The facts are there are some people who lack the heart, the soul, sensitivity, compassion, love, and parenting skills to parent. Now rather than condemn him and stand in judgment, I have sought to understand. With an enhanced understanding of a situation or a person and his/ her motives and rationale we can learn to forgive more easily.

After an in-depth study of the various healing modalities, burying my head in numerous books, participating in many classes, I now know precisely what it takes to heal, grow, and embrace wholeness while being authentic and vulnerable. There are words that I have read over the decades that gifted me with “instant insight” and they helped with the restoration of a soul- my soul.

My INTENTION is that I can figure out a way to reassure you, to coax you, to soothe the ache that may have been repressed, ignored, but nevertheless exists. Please take some time to Heal today! You know what moves you and what will move you one step further along the healing path and journey- I did not mention chocolate and ice- cream for obvious reasons. Please read between the lines. Is there a song you love to dance to? Put it on, stretch your muscles, and dance with freedom and light in your heart, eyes, and soul…Listen for your heart song.

What does it whisper to you in the dead of the night?

Have you ever thought how do I “show up” in brand new and fresh ways to meet- actually face an everchanging and uncertain world?

Well, I aim to present to you strategies and inspirations- IDEAS for doing so- All for YOU!

I welcome your feedback and would be so happy and grateful to know of your IDEAS and suggestions. Remember we are all works in progress

With Devotion & Love

Your Life Guidance Angel,

Jennifer- Lauren Salapka

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