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Patience & Affirmations: Why You Need Both?

I read recently that a person whom I admire started keeping an Affirmations Journal. This discovery is the basis and inspiration for today’s blog post.
I could start with the affirmations I need the most and intuit that if you are anything like me and a human we may have the same types of feelings and inherent needs. For example, I am patient. Or is it better to say I choose to be patient? I know it is better for my nervous system, psyche, and overall well- being to embrace the virtue of patience. Not to mention my loved ones will enjoy being around me more if I practice patience on a consistent and steady basis.
I am fiery and I have an abundance of energy- sometimes which has been scattered and not channeled or focused properly. For which I must forgive myself. I always want to get things done. I must see progress and growth- as I am results-driven.
So I will look at, examine, and analyze the state of growth of the seeds that I have planted. My attitude is it should have been done yesterday, last month, last year, a decade ago. And why wasn't it done? So let’s do our best to get it done faster.
Ah yes, patience with ourselves, with others, with the process, with a myriad of Transitions; with a career change, with a job search, with a launching of a business and the ensuing isolation, loneliness, and pain of an entrepreneurial journey; with birthing creative labor of love and projects. If we can enjoy the process, each step, each mishap, each how in the world could I have made that mistake and be gentle with ourselves because we are always seeking the better versions of ourselves, perhaps we can find peace- solace, and contentment.
Many people are experiencing and enduring heartbreaking losses now, how can we counsel them to emerge better, more resilient, with greater degrees of courage when the dust clears and the raging storm has passed?
I have looked at my numbers of subscribers and cried, I have looked at my sales figures and wailed like a baby. I have chided myself for not starting a YouTube channel earlier and for relying on paper and notebooks for years to capture my ideas. It will take years to develop them, to type them all out, and be sure they are coherent and represent a good added value to you.
Yet, I have time, but I have felt a rush against the tyrant of the time, the years, the birthdays, the wishes, dreams, of when to let go. of who I could have been — if only I had stayed on my path- and did not get distracted where could I be now, but longing to make peace with the days gone by and knowing that there was a time, a moment of “splendor in the grass”. Yet, though beauty and youth fade, the grace, dignity, self- respect, self- love, and determination to live out the vision- fulfill life’s purpose must take precedence.
Though the timeline has not been fulfilled, the wish for a new and better timeline, you must resist the urge to compare your divine, precious self to others.
You can’t- your soul’s journey is different- your soul wants to learn its own unique set of lessons. Experiences can shape and change us both for better and for worse. I have seen experiences change certain family members for the worse growing bitter, resentful, and such. Yet, I solider on and say no, not me I want to grow in virtue, substance, worth, and purpose- lean into my destiny. Yes, I feel I am late because the alarm of the impatience ringing relentlessly in my ears- I certainly missed the motherhood boat…
I was supposed to have had 7 books completed, published, released, and loved by a wide audience by now, but manuscripts were stolen, lost, hijacked, and then I had a scattered disorganized way of writing when I did dare to put ink to paper to stick and I thought about the quality of my ideas I doubted for a season- people were so cruel and said well it was as it should be my manuscripts were supposed to be stripped from me just like my innocence as a young girl…
Few except for artists, writers, inventors, know what lost work means to the soul the ache the sleepless nights endlessly tossing and turning and ruminations that fill the uneasy mind…
But yet will read another book about personal development, spiritual growth, etc. register for another seminar and class- all in the hopes to heal the wounds the heaviness that besets the heavy heart- to be the untethered soul.
The primary objective, of course, is to compensate for lost time.
Those are the seeds of impatience. A man proposes marriage to me. You’re too late buddy. Go find another girl- please go now…I wish to be left alone, to think, to read, to research, to create, to re-create, and restore what has “gone with the wind”… you would merely get in my way and demand much too much of my time and energy. An attitude I shall seek to correct and remedy…
I may feel so impatient that I did not want to edit, revise, but just present the ideas, the facts, raw and authentic. So that I could accumulate posts and focus more on quantity, productivity, and the number of articles I write- what is now completed- written. Much better to complete 365 in 1 year than a measly 5 or even 50. The desire to leapfrog and skip steps becomes so strong almost like an urge that is challenging to subdue…
In an effort to soothe the savage beast, I listen and read affirmations. Here are some I think will heal and benefit both of us…
I believe in myself. I am motivated. I am dedicated. I am powerful, persistent, and strong. I am balanced, positive, and peaceful.
I am relaxed, I am calm, I am at one. I am in command of my life. I am living my life. I am connected to all that is. I know how to step well. I am in the moment. I am right here right now. I am fully present. I am taking bold steps. I am moving forward with the confidence I require and I am achieving.
I am motivated. I am driven. I am successful. I am a born leader. I am success. I am energy. I am disciplined. I am focused, I am present. I am whole and healed. I am love. I am joyous. I am happy.
I am valuable. I am rich, I am abundance.
I am the master of my own thoughts. I am courageous. I am wise.
I am enough. I am fulfilled. I am grateful. I believe in myself. I activate my potential NOW!
Now, these are just some affirmations. I encourage you to write your own, select a few that truly resonate with you. repeat your chosen affirmations daily to yourself. Give yourself a pep talk, a boost when you need it. Practice some self- care.
And I will type up the next installment of thoughts soon. Once my fingers feel better.. =D)

With All My Love, Devotion, & Souls’ Song,
Your Faithful Life Guidance Angel
AKA Jennifer- Lauren Salapka
Jennifer- Lauren Salapka

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