What Does Our World Need NOW? - by Jennifer- Lauren

What Does Our World Need NOW?

What does our world require NOW? It urgently is crying out for the unique perspective, voice, gifts, & solutions you can offer it. Your expression and the treasures you keep close to your heart are the healing balms for us. We need to hear you and feel your expression; it just may ignite something deep inside of us.

The time has come to celebrate who you are, to lead if you are called to lead, and to shine your light into the darkness. I may or may not know you, but I want to express my belief in you. I believe in our future- the future you, the future me — as we live and grow we can be, become so much more. We collectively can give more of ourselves and we can be walking blessings.

Take hold of your courage now. Unite with your community now or better yet think of a creative method to build community and solidarity both online and offline. Is there a VISION you have of what our future could potentially be and evolve into as we progress and build forward momentum?

We can express the dream of ourselves through our actions, art, business, and towards our families and friends, and those of a Tribe — we wish we knew and had access to…Thereby, we can attract more like-minded and Mission-oriented individuals into our lives. Imagine the IMPACT we can have if we just pour ourselves out according to our special DESIGN.

Take some time and ponder- truly reflect on the following question:

How can we better nourish our souls, enhance our resilience, build only what we can build (but build better by enlisting the help of qualified and interested others)?

Please comment and share your IDEAS below. I can’t wait to read them and stand in awe at what you create and co-create.

P.S. I will be waiting and reflecting on these exact questions I put forth. What are our next steps? (Hopefully, I will be bathed in the glow of patience… ;) )

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