What If It All Changed When You Chose To Surrender? - by Jennifer- Lauren

What If It All Changed When You Chose To Surrender?

(Or if you Dared to go RED)? ;) =D

No, really. Do you struggle? Ask yourself right now. Is there something that you struggle with and have been struggling with for a long time? Please as you reflect on this answer know that we need each other. We thrive on unity, we whimper on division. (Especially long division- never was into that).

So when you consciously play the game of life; play so that everyone can benefit from your presence and leave the world better than you found it. There are infinite possibilities. We just need to work on our mindsets and choose healthy, life-giving, joyous, and prosperity based thoughts that are simultaneously life-affirming.

Are you in need of an Anxiety- Relief Workshop or are you in need of a hug? Or both? Please don’t dismiss your needs. You can find solutions to release anxious thoughts and enjoy a sense of tranquility. It may start with tuning into your inner voice. (not your parents and colleagues voices), but yours. Some of these thoughts and sentiments are inspired by The Universe Always Supports You and Gabrielle Bernstein.

Has anyone ever told you that you don’t get what you want, but you get what you need? I have heard this many times as a single woman and when evaluating a potential suitor. When I would speak to friends, for example. I firmly believe in getting what you want, in pursuing it like a cheetah pursues its prey. Although, I am more cute than cunning. I am working on the clever factor to 10x it. People would often say (but what do they know unless they are experts in some area or read, study a lot, or have an internal fountain of wisdom and insights burst through them spontaneously upon request…

Ok, so really be cognizant of where and to whom you listen to and get your advice and guidance from. Qualify them. Trust, but verify as one of my mentors often quipped. There are various schools of thought on wanting vs. needing. It will take much too much time to delve into those depths and chartered waters. So to stick to the shallow end and make the point, sometimes what we need takes precedence over what we want.

Perfect example water vs. chocolate, acai, almond butter infused smoothie. Which do we need and which do we want? If you are in Death Valley and you have walked 5 miles, I think you may go for the water. Perhaps. An interesting story comes to mind now, a singer thought she wanted and needed a man who was like designer jeans, but she really needed a comfy man — like the Levis.

Now I have always been attracted to the “Designer Jeans” gentleman. I am still single. So, well, that’s ok. Either my perfect partner isn’t ready for me or I am not ready for him.

We are encouraged to pray for what we need rather than lust for what we so eagerly, desperately desire with every fiber in our being. It is possible to not be completely aware of what we truly honest to goodness need because we are blinded by our bright, shiny, luxurious wants…

How blessed it is to be content and to be able to focus on what you have and not on what you don’t have. (According to Law of Attraction the more you resist what you fear or don’t want, the more you magnetize it to you).

We can choose the attitude of gratitude and be more thankful... A great practice is to start a Gratitude Journal. Record daily all you have in your life to be thankful for. I love Louise Hay’s ideas for this strategy. Forming good solid habits helps to breed stability and security. How about beginning a daily grounding ritual?

We can try not to want so much. Better to thank in advance for what you ask for. Be mindful that “obstacles are detours in the right direction”. We are fortunate when God tells us where not to go. There is danger lurking there.

Don’t force a closed-door open. Instead, look for an open door and knock- be persistent. Walk with the definiteness of purpose. Let go of what’s not working in your life and what you can’t control. Aim your eyes on what you can control- which is your effort, your skillsets, your mindset, your attitudes, habits, and paradigms. Please refrain from controlling other people. It only builds resentment and destroys relationships.

Now ask for a sign after you pray. Then be attentive, look, listen, and learn. Follow those inner impulses. I asked for a sign and one night during the summer while going for an evening stroll, I happened upon an object in the distance. It shone brilliantly and as I came closer I peered and it was a Workbook on Self- Love. Now if that wasn’t a sign or a clear message for me, I don’t know what is. It is a journey I have not yet mastered, but I am getting closer as I keep trying and investing my energy, money, time, and desire into it. Perhaps when I fully accept myself for not going to law school and not marrying a Senator or Diplomat, and the list goes on and on for not measuring up to my nearly impossible expectations of myself by age 25, age 30, age 35, etc. ( I don’t age past that- lol- ah, acceptance, mistakes, flaws, and all. (Note if you separate these letters impossible becomes I -M Possible!)

If we only knew that our stories, our experiences can help uplift another may be a lonely, curious 14-year-old girl, maybe a disillusioned 19-year-old young man, heavens maybe a wizened 80-year-old. I hope to be the VOICE to cheer you on, encourage, and guide you as I make my discoveries and have my little poof puff epiphanies...

Or as I remember what was forgoten- and recover what was lost. Sometimes the journey to self-love is not only about becoming, but shedding what was never ours, releasing the toxins of others, and regaining our energy, fuel, desire to live the life we were always meant to be before others polluted our waters…

It becomes a Recovery Effort, but imagine the lovely shells, relics, remnants, that can be pieced together to form a new whole- perhaps with some artistry, creativity, and innovative thinking in the mix. Hence, we take a blended approach to healing and borrow from multiple disciplines…

Now after reading this and acting on my advice, digesting the nuances of the shades of meaning that I don’t explain in detail because I want you to infer to grow to trust your intuition..your instincts...

You shall receive signs through God Winks, coincidences, serendipity, and synchronicity…

Please write to me when they happen and tell me the impact…the transformation…

P.S. “When you think you are surrendering, amplify your efforts.”

Remember in “the absence of resistance connection can emerge.”

I want to and I implore you to pray for the highest good of all. We endeavor to focus on what’s thriving, awakening, spiritual journey-ing, and transformation in body, mind, soul/spirit.

In Light & Love,
Your Life Guidance Angel,
Jennifer- Lauren Salapka

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